Planning a special occasion? Whether it's a wedding, birthday, anniversary, baby shower or any other occasion. Celebrate with our Chocolates made just for you! Choose from various box sizes and colors, and even customize our treats to fit your event perfectly.
wedding event

Wedding, Anniversary:

Ready to celebrate your 'I do' with CocoLuxe Chocolate? Let's make the most important day of your life sweeter with our delightful chocolates!Personalize your celebration by selecting:
  • Box size and color (2, 4, 6)
  • Custom message
  • Ribbon color
  • Chocolate colors (customized to match your color scheme)
  • Chocolate flavors
Leave a sweet impression on your guests on your special day.


Kids' Birthday Bliss with CocoLuxe Chocolate!
  • Chocolate Fun for Kids: At CocoLuxe Chocolate, we're all about creating yummy chocolates that kids adore!
  • Make It Theirs: Our chocolates are super customizable. Pick colors, shapes, and even add personalized messages to match the party's theme.
  • Party Takeaways: Want awesome party favors? Our chocolates are perfect! We can make them party-ready with packaging that matches the theme.
  • Memory-Making: With CocoLuxe Chocolate, you're not just getting treats; you're creating sweet memories that your child and their pals will treasure.
  • Order Now: Reach out to us to chat about your ideas, and let's make your child's birthday bash a chocolatey adventure they won't forget!
baby shower

Baby Shower:

Celebrate the Arrival: CocoLuxe Chocolate for Baby Showers
  • Baby-Themed Chocolates: At CocoLuxe Chocolate, we specialize in crafting adorable chocolates perfect for celebrating the upcoming arrival of a baby.
  • Charming Party Favors Our chocolates can be tailored to suit your baby shower theme, featuring cute shapes, pastel colors, and personalized messages.
  • Quality: We prioritize the well-being of both mom-to-be and guests. Our chocolates are made from top-quality ingredients.
  • Create Cherished Moments: CocoLuxe Chocolate helps you create sweet memories for the mom-to-be and her loved ones, adding a touch of joy to the celebration.
  • Place Your Order: Contact us to discuss your ideas, preferences, and baby shower theme. Let's make the baby shower an even more special occasion with CocoLuxe Chocolate!
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